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One on One is an incredible collection of inspirational true stories about the “God-moments” that happen in life, just one on one. Don’t you long to go back to when people spent time, invested in others, and developed deeper relationships in life? Social media, texts and Facebook seem to come before actual face time with the ones we love the most. Do you feel as though some of your most treasured relationships have become shallow and loyalty seems to be a thing of the past?

In my upcoming book, you’ll learn how to identify and create One on One moments in your own life, and invest in the lives of others. Once you implement the One on One lifestyle, you can improve your marriage, friendships, relationship with your kids, and understand your purpose in life. I think as human beings long for the One on One times.

When someone takes time for you, or writes you a note, or takes a vacation day to spend with you, you remember that forever! But we’ve become so busy that I fear we’ve forgotten all about the investment of being together One on One. We can raise our families and miss the opportunity to single out our kids as individual and special. I’ll share with you the things in my life that have mattered most, and help you to create One on One moments with the special people in your life. It’s all about strengthening your bond together and building memories that will last. In the Bible, lots of people in the crowd would come after Jesus, but he always took time for one. He singled someone out, looked them in the eye, and really listened. When you take time for one, you can have impact beyond what you ever dreamed. Maybe someone’s done that for you!

There’s a ton of things that happen in big groups or large settings, but the best moments, the most cherished times, always happen, One on One.

Listen below to my new "One on One" radio series on KeepTheFaith.


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