Kevin Laue


Overcoming Adversity and Achieving Success Through Determination

Nearly seven-feet-tall with flaming red hair, Kevin Laue commands attention simply by walking on stage. His story, however, never fails to hold that attention for audiences of all ages.

The first player missing a limb to play NCAA Division 1 basketball, he overcame the early death of his father, a challenging home environment and a legion of critics to become one of the top high school basketball players in his home state of California while earning a scholarship to join the Manhattan College Jaspers.

Employing a mixture of humor, audience participation, and a uniquely strong delivery, he tells the story of a life so extraordinary, it was chronicled in the 2013 Oscar-qualifying documentary "Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story."

His own inspirational journey is used as a jumping off point to examine the challenges faced by others every day and his triumphs help audiences see their own problems in a new light. He shares his story to help change attitudes and perspectives of corporate, faith based, and youth audiences.

Listen to Kevin Laue's incredible story of hope and inspiration, right here:

Kevin Laue encourages a young woman to not leave anything unsaid to her dying father.

Kevin Laue tells us how he learned to accept himself so others would embrace him.

Kevin Laue talks about the amazing doors that God has opened for him over the years.

Kevin Laue shares that the key to embracing life is loving yourself.

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