Mandisa's "Out of the Dark"

Available Now!

Grammy Award-winning singer Mandisa is has released her fifth album, "Out of the Dark," 

following an intense three-year battle with depression.

"Out of the Dark" is her first music release in four years. Mandisa took some time away from the music scene after being stuck in a bout of depression that left her feeling powerless. Fortunately, the "Overcomer" singer is back and this time is not allowing anything to stop her from sharing her experience through her album.

Mandisa and how her song "Unfinished" is about God's continuous work to mold her into a masterpiece. 

Mandisa explains how she turned her life around and overcame the darkness.

Mandisa shares how losing her friend taught her a valuable lesson about giving her pain to God.

For more information on Mandisa, click HERE.


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