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All In, the newest from four-time GRAMMY® nominee Matthew West, is available now. The 14-track release includes West's hit single, "Broken Things," which quickly became a radio favorite. 

Since 2009, West has received well over 40,000 stories from people around the world with several tracks from 

All In dedicated to their stories of battling cancer, overcoming addiction and more. Now, for the first time in several years, the new album also contains songs that heavily reflect the personal stories of West and his desire to go "all in" in every area of his life including faith, family and relationships.

Matthew West shares stories about his dad for Father's Day.

Matthew West shares about why he wants to live a life without regret and go "All In." 

Matthew West talks about how his song "Do Something" has motivated the nation to make a change.


Matthew West tells Kathy's powerful story of healing and the reason behind his song "Mended."

Matthew West and how he feels a responsibility to share the powerful stories of his fans.

Matthew West shares Wendy's story about how God changed her life in his song "Anything Is Possible."

Alyssa put the needs of others above herself and inspired Matthew West's "World Changers." 

Matthew West tells us how God's love plays a part in overcoming regret in his song "The List."

Matthew West says that for all of us that are broken, God has a plan for redemption.

Matthew West shares how similar his life is to the songs he has written for others. 

Matthew West and how it takes just one person sharing their story of courage to show God's grace.

Matthew West talks about how an ex-convict's mission to change inspired the song "Day One." 

Matthew West shares the unexpected success of turning personal stories into inspirational music. 

Listen to Matthew West's inspirational Christmas stories here:

Matthew West shares how a little boy named Dax was the inspiration behind "The Heart of Christmas."

Matthew West and how time with his family is most important to him this Christmas.  

Several years ago, when Matthew West invited people to share their stories to serve as inspiration for an upcoming album, he had no idea it would be the start of an amazing journey that would forever change his music, ministry and life. Armed with more than 10,000 stories from fans all over the world, the floodgates of inspiration opened and West crafted a landmark album, "The Story of Your Life."  Suddenly people were given a voice and a chance for their stories to be heard. It started a powerful wave that continues with even greater momentum on West’s album "Into the Light."

We sat down with Matthew and heard him share with Keep The Faith about the stories behind the songs.  Take a listen...


To see the surprise meeting between Matthew and Renee, the woman whose story inspired "Forgiveness" watch:


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Comment by brandon marcum on December 20, 2013 at 9:33am

matthew west is a great singer

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