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Michele Pillar


The Truth Will Set You Free"

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Author, speaker, singer, 3-time Grammy and Dove nominee, Michele Pillar has a testimony that everyone who has ever needed help to overcome anything should hear! Her journey of courage began at age nine while hiding under her twin bed to escape the effects of her parents’ alcohol abuse. But when Michele looks back at those days she feels only gratitude. She says, “There is no better way to experience the powerful hand of God than to watch Him heal the human spirit of such travesties. Once healed, these negative experiences are dwarfed and God uses them to heal others through someone like me. I am no different than anyone else. I just talk about true-to-life happenings in front of crowds of people. That’s why God allowed my beginnings to be as they were. He knew I would be restored, He would be glorified and others would be restored as well.” 

Today, Michele's strong name recognition from her CCM accomplishments and many #1 radio hits in the 80’s and 90’s, churning out #1 hits such as "Look Who Loves You Now,” “He Rolled Away The Stone,” and “Walk Across Heaven.” 

She has morphed into a respected and compelling speaker, writer and songwriter. Her new album release, "You Untangle Me," features the title track written by Pillar and Hall of Fame writers: Allen Shamblin and Mike Reid.

Her new book "Untangled" describes in one word what each of us long for: freedom. But what happens when life's fumbles get buried in the chambers of our souls? Knot by knot, chapter by chapter, you'll travel with God and witness true redemption. You'll move from a faith that no longer fits into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Whether it’s her music, speaking or writing, Pillar is still communicating to her audiences with a raw honesty and edge that's all her own.  

Michele Pillar is a Grammy nominated singer, author and speaker. Throughout the year she travels with her unique women’s conf. called: “The Clothesline"

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Michele Pillar explains the beauty behind Christmas.

Michele Pillar tells us about allowing God to take the wheel and trusting in Him.

Michele Pillar encourages us to ask for God's help in times of doubt and He will guide our way. 

For more information about Michele Pillar, click HERE.

Order her book "Untangled" right HERE.


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