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I’m an author, speaker and mentor that helps moms – moms just like you. I adore them all and have set my life to coach them to bring life, purpose and clarity into every area of their families lives as well as their own.

The moms I mentor are amazing. Full of love for their husbands and devotion for their children. A happy well-connected home life is at the core of their desires.

Yet in today’s world they find themselves in a never-ending cycle of feeling stressed, undervalued, frustrated and stuck. Wondering how to balance the “husband-kids-home” thing called their life. Facebook and Pinterest seem like a good place to learn how, but after logging out they feel more inadequate than ever.

Truth be told, they just want someone to help cut through the chaos with real advice, a hug and tell them everything is going to be OK.  That’s why I’m a mom mentor.

In her book "The Unstoppable Generation," men and women of all ages and cultures are awakening to their place among the UnStoppables. Are you among them? Within this generation is a new breed of Jesus lovers who refuse the world’s labels. They are undeniably UnStoppable! Soul hunters, truth declarers, they are rushing into a world that needs justice and compassion. How? They know God’s word and they understand the times they live in: therefore they know what to do. And with God’s help they do it fearlessly. 

Mona Corwin talks about what being a mom mentor is all about, right here:

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