Scott Hamilton

"Finish First

Winning Changes Everything"

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Scott Hamilton is arguably the most recognizable figure skater in American history. Now retired, he did not lose a championship from 1980-1984. In the 1984 Olympics, he won gold which launched him into stardom and inspired him to found the Stars on Ice figure skating tour. He estimates falling 41,600 time in his career but got up 100% of the time. Since then, he has battled cancer, become a motivational speaker, an Olympic broadcaster and written multiple books. In his latest, "Finish First: Winning Changes Everything", Hamilton encourages his readers to embrace competition and live out their God-given purpose, be it in business, family, school, or anything you're passionate about. 

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Here are some encouraging words the Olympic athlete, author, and legend shared with KeepTheFaith:

Scott Hamilton gives us some fatherly advice for Father's Day:

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Here, we sat down with Scott:


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