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Shannon DeGarmo knows what it means to be a bounce back woman. At age 26, she woke to the sick realization that her husband was living a double life. Within months, he was in prison and she was suddenly a single woman with two young children, a mortgage, no job, and no college education to fall back on. Shannon’s poignant story is one of denial and betrayal, followed by personal discovery and renewal. On a road filled with despair, she experienced the power of faith in God and herself that allowed her to believe that her very best days were ahead.

In a remarkable comeback, she sold her house, moved in with her parents, returned to college, and earned her bachelors and master’s degrees in education, while carefully navigating raising two wonderful children who had lost their daddy. She is happily re-married, and finds purpose and joy in encouraging women to discover their true identity and divine destiny through the same faith in God that rescued her. Shannon is a true bounce back woman who will encourage you with the belief and joyful optimism you need to begin your bounce back story.

Have you lost all hope of finding true happiness?  Have you given up the fight and given in to settling for second best?  Then it's time you bounce back!  

"The Bounce Back Woman" is for you if you are struggling with depression, looking for a way to move past the pain of divorce, wanting to discover a better future for yourself and your family, or are simply ready to let go and find a way to move on.  This inspirational telling of stories and lessons learned will provide you with tools to overcome life's challenges. KeepTheFaith Books is proud to present this new release from Shannon DeGarmo.  

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Shannon DeGarmo tells us how she overcame betrayal and changed her life, here:

Shannon DeGarmo encourages us to feed our relationships with others.


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