Stephen Arterburn


5 Blind Spots That Block God’s Work in You

Have You Ever Heard Yourself Say…
“As hard as I try, life never turns out like I hope.”
“I’m not the one with the problem here.”
“After what they did, I have every right to be angry.”
“I’m so guilty God could never forgive me.”
“I deserve better.”
“Anyone in my situation would do the same thing.”
“I can deal with this on my own.”

Sound familiar? Invisible emotional barriers sometimes block our progress, keeping us from a life of freedom and purpose. In Walking into Walls, bestselling author, radio host and counselor Stephen Arterburn identifies five prison walls that may be holding you captive and blocking the dynamic work God wants to do in you.

Stop bumping into the walls that keep you from the life you’ve longed for. This book will help you break through those life-blocking barriers—once and for all—so you can sprint into the future with renewed confidence and joy.

Download and read Chapter One of "Walking Into Walls", Free HERE!


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