Tom Gehring

After thirty years of fighting, I put my sword down. Thirty hard-core years of litigation, trials, arbitrations, mediations, wars, battles, fights, and brawls. I could fight no longer.
I was thankful, and still am, that early on in my career as a trial lawyer I made Jesus Christ my Senior Partner. I know a good partner when I work with one. He was, is, and will always be the best. Still, have no doubt, even with Jesus as my partner it was incredibly hard work. Just ask my non-existent family. Just ask my cat.

After I put my sword down, my Senior Partner told me to write this book. He's my Senior Partner; I do what he tells me to. It always works out He said he wanted to pour out his blessings on his sons and daughters and that to do so they must do all they can to settle all the burdens and trials that have come their way and would continue to come their way. In our last days, there should be nothing separating us from a close relationship with God. He also said: Surely I am coming quickly. And I know what he meant. For today, and for eternity.   -- Tom Gehring


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