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Greg Murtha's high-achiever life didn't go as planned. Not even close. Cancer interrupted it. And in Greg's words: "That's a good thing because, without cancer, I would never have embraced the joy of following Jesus with reckless abandon or experienced the exhilaration of sensing the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I would never have acted in obedience to what he leads me to do (what he has wired me to do) or joined him in his master plan."


Following Jesus in the unexpected led Greg to life-giving exploits, and he wants the same for you. Because lots of things interrupt our well-planned lives. "Out of the Blue" will help you embrace interruption as adventure, rather than adversity. It will lead you to the exhilarating bigger story—God's story—and your unexpected role in it.

Greg's widow, Tracey Murtha, shares an experience that Greg had with a young girl named Molly while he was going through his cancer treatments:

What some are saying about Out of the Blue

What you’re about to read is a celebration of what it looks like to be lowered through the roof to the feet of Jesus. But here’s the thing: Greg isn’t the guy on the stretcher; he’s the guy on the roof with a couple of ropes around us.

Bob Goff
author of Love Does and Chief Balloon Inflator

How many people do you know who embrace absolutely everything? Even cancer.

When I met Greg Murtha, I realized I was gazing into the eyes of the person I wanted to become. Brave, intelligent, funny, confident, and faithful, Greg embraces a complete acceptance of his fate with pure joy and excitement. Knowing him is a beautiful gift. You, too, will feel that and be incredibly inspired after reading Out of the Blue.

Scott Hamilton
Olympic Gold Medalist, Figure Skater Commentator, and Cancer Survivor

Greg has shown us all what it looks like to follow Christ and run the race of life all the way to the finish line. My life, like many others, has been sharpened, shaped, and enriched by knowing him.

Dr.  Dennis Rainey
CEO of FamilyLife

To order your copy of "Out of the Blue" by Greg Murtha and Forward by Bob Goff click here.

To learn more about Greg's unexpected journey of a life interrupted, click here.

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