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Meet Serene & Pearl 

Are you done? Over it? Tired of fads and diets that just don’t work? Get ready to embrace Food Freedom! KeepTheFaith is excited to introduce you to the latest members of our family...Trim Healthy Mama! Meet the founders who are two Best-Selling sisters, Serene & Pearl (who have 19 kids between them!!). Their incredibly increasingly popular brand Trim Healthy Mama is quickly becoming a household name around the country. As preacher’s children and former Christian music recording artists, Serene & Pearl traveled extensively, but they relinquished their touring careers to embrace a life at home with children, dinners, dishes and diapers.

"Trim Healthy Table"

More Than 300 All-New Healthy and Delicious Recipes from Our Homes to Yours

Available Now!

Serene and Pearl of Trim Healthy Mama started the Food Freedom movement to bring tasty recipes and healthy lifestyles to your family.

Trim Healthy Mama can help you and your family achieve your health and fitness goals through videos, podcasts, eZine, and their many books. They have published a cookbook, an introduction to the THM lifestyle, a plan for how you can adopt the THM lifestyle, and Trim Healthy Table.

To learn more about Trim Healthy Mama, click here.

Find exclusive interviews of the Trim Healthy Mama sisters below:

Trim Healthy Mama's Serene and Pearl share where true joy comes from.

Trim Healthy Mama's Serene and Pearl share the importance of who your children's friends are.

Trim Healthy Mama's Serene and Pearl talk about staying grateful during the chaos of the holidays.

Listen to Serene and Pearl talk about their Food Freedom movement here:

Trim Healthy Mama's Serene and Pearl talk about the importance of trusting our Father.

Trim Healthy Mama' Serene and Pearl talk about the health benefits of healthy relationships.

Trim Healthy Mama's Serene and Pearl talk about the health benefits of accepting fear.

Listen to Serene & Pearl talk about their husbands for Father's Day here:

Serene and Pearl share stories from the heart on KeepTheFaith and you can listen here:

If you'd like to download the latest Trim Healthy Podcast with Serene & Pearl, click here:

Their mantra is not about getting skinny…but about getting healthy and eating REAL food!

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