Trish Blackwell

"Insecurity Detox" is available NOW by clicking HERE.

Trainer. Confidence Coach. Author. Wife. Mother. Surfer. Snowboarder. Runner. Ironman triathlete. Podcaster and App publisher. Trish Blackwell is passionate about empowering others to live the life of their dreams. She believes in self-acceptance, the power of positive thinking and that equipped with confidence, you can conquer anything. 

Particularly passionate about bringing hope to those who struggle with negative body image, eating disorders, or confidence issues, Blackwell has become the leader on image issues in the fitness industry.  Trish inspires her community to conquer life with confidence.  She coaches people across the globe to make radical lifestyle changes so that they can let their unique story and purpose shine and now you can hear her on KeepTheFaith!  Trish is working on her new book "Insecurity Detox: A Breakout Plan to Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind, and Spirit" and spends her free time running, surfing and snowboarding with her husband Brandon and raising their daughter in the DC area. She loves unicorns, coffee, and the color pink! 

Click HERE to listen to Trish's weekly "Confidence on the Go" Podcasts.

Listen here to KeepTheFaith's Confidence Coach, Trish Blackwell share her story:

Trish Blackwell and how she was inspired during a historical boat tour with her husband.

Click HERE to listen to Trish's weekly "Confidence on the Go" Podcasts.

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