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My friend Blake is in E.R. and Prayers are welcome and needed.

My friend Blake Hanson from cedar rapids Iowa Stomach is swollen from pain of severe pain of his pancreas He cries out a lot, it's the worst pain ever.. My brothers and sisters in Christ I pray this day for the full recovery of my friend Blake Hanson.. He has a pancreas disease, sugar diabetes and he also has a learning disability too as well he has a bad back and he is only 43 years old.. My brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world, Please Pray for Blake Hanson and his full name… Continue

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TROUBLE or call it what you may

Trouble or Call it What You May…


Dear brothers and sisters,

Life is hard! I was just telling God Thank You for His great love. Specifically His love for me through my eldest daughter. A light went on inside me and God gave me a new perspective on an old difficulty: ‘TROUBLE’. It is as ancient as breathing.

Trouble or call it what you may...

comes in bunches, in partners, in pairs

High-jacked by the enemy who comes

to kill, steal and…


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Symbolic Mountains(象徴的な山)

Symbolic mountains(象徴的な山)

What is the relation between the characteristics of the mountains of the promised land, and their use as symbols in prophecy?


In Psalm 114, David said that the mountains "skipped like lambs" and little hills, "like lambs," when Israel went out of Egypt. How did the mountains skip? These cannot be literal mountains. They would have to become airborne, if they were to literally skip like… Continue

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Mental Illness

There was a time in my life when it was hard to reckonize who I was and in that moment Jesus took over my life. It was hard to go out of the house even shutout my friend's and family.That's when Jesus and miracles started occurring in my life the first being the def speaking for the first time. Hearing Angel's making comments on me seeing an apperition of Jesus showing me his palms without wounds. One early evening standing in my kitchen i felt this calming presence standing behind me and that… Continue

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Sharing love surrounded by calamity.

Reminds me of the story told by Jesus about the son who left, squandered all his inheritance still the father accepted him home. No matter the circumstance high love tolerance and zero hate tolerance.

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As a Child or not at All.

As a Child or not at all!


We come as children…


We believe as children…


We become His children…



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Choices by Seekers

Choices…..  for Seekers


We( Our study group) have contemplated much this past year about the deeper life from David Hazard's teachings from St John of the Cross. And now I want to share what has also blessed me with God’s guidance through the words of A.W. Tozer, in regards to the deeper life. Words I find challenging and thought provoking.


Oh, Holy spirit…

Oh Fire! That burns so intimately

and tenderly penetrates the

fibre and core of my…


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Dear fellow Seekers,        Thursday July 16


Jesus , God’s Son, is His living Word—He has no other. Having spoken His true message to us altogether in this one Word, once and for all, He has no reason to speak anything that would replace His word. So anyone seeking God for a vision or revelation of some so-called ‘higher truth’ Take care! When you seek a new ‘word’ from God- a new means to live the spiritual life- you are in danger of pushing aside the one perfect Word that…


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Father's Day

 I think it is important to tell people about our heavenly Father. I was extraordinary Blessed because he has been the strong Loving Father to me since childhood. I came from a very abusive childhood. Some of the experiences would cause others to have nightmare.  Even though all of that was happening when I was growing up, I always had God. I knew Jesus for as long as I can remembered. He was always a loving figure in my life. I cried to him when I was a little girl, sang songs to him,…


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Some people don't know JESUS

  I have seen a lot of people who do not know that GOD loved us so much that HE gave the LIFE OF HIS ONLY SON for all who will open their hearts and let HIM in. And yes JESUS was the only SON OF GOD. GOD'S GRACE IS GREATER THAN ANYTHIG.

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Finding Identity


 If you are struggling with your identity, God can meet you where you are right now. If you allow Him in your life, He'll work all that out for you. If you're trying to overcome a life of rejection, if you've been abandoned by those you loved and trusted, if you've been misused or abused, trying to pick up the pieces of a shattered past..look no further than the…


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Word of Advice

My father taught me these words and I in turn taught them to my kids.  I hope they pass this along to theirs.

"The nicest words I know are these, excuse me, thank you and if you please"

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Why are people so negative and rude?

So, as I was getting off the train today, I came across a very rude and nasty person. I said "thank you" to someone who I thought was going to let me move from my seat into the line of people waiting to get off the train; however, instead, she said "why are you thanking me" and walked on.


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Psalms 120-134: The Pilgrim Psalms 詩篇

The Story


The Psalms are songs. They were sung by the people in their homes and by the choirs in the temple in Jerusalem. Some Psalms were sung by pilgrims journeying up to Jerusalem and the temple. Many people from all parts of the Holy Land journeyed up to the great city each year to the feasts, especially to the Passover in the spring and to the Feast of Tabernacles, the harvest feast in the autumn. At these seasons, companies of happy people from one town and… Continue

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Eternal life  !  :)

Eternal life  !  :)


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The First Temple(Temple Man)

1. Astonishing First Temple Secrets revealed. See through texts and drawings how King Solomon's Temple was built as a concealed tripartite man who is Jacob, the Levite High Priest and an amazing Metallic Messiah figure. New information. Multiple drawings. Nothing like it on the Internet. Entirely based on Jewish biblical texts, the Tanach, commonly known as the "Old Testament". Start by clicking here on number 1, it's the Home Page.…


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Kayla why did you do what you said when o my half was true of / what took place course you were told to but in the long run Kayla you no what happen that day you and God so the day well come and it's well be soon that you well have to tell the truth course running can't stop the pain you have allowed to follow you all these years and not having no one no how to help you I pray that you really look deep in side a see who you are really hurting course you no it's not you don't you.May God look…


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Jody Plahm - Green Belt

10 Things to Know in CUPPA This Week…


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Jody Plahm

CUPPA offices relocate due to building damage


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It's a New Day Saturday finally the weekend so glad ends to fast Glad to have a job work to go to with decent pay and good people to work with A week today is my Birthday and I don't believe the numb…

It's a New Day Saturday finally the weekend so glad ends to fast

Glad to have a job work to go to with decent pay and good people to work with

A week today is my Birthday and I don't believe the number age I am suppose to be according to my Birth Certificate Age 57 --I don't look or even feel so old!

So much I would like to do-travel but too much debt yet thankful for a nice house and all I am blessed with!

God knows I count acknowledge miracles everyday knowing…


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