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Prayer Request

3 years ago, I fell in love with my best friend. It felt like everything had finally been put together and made sense. Then I became pregnant and everything went down hill. I lost my baby, and then came verbal and emotional abuse from just got worse. I was going through homelessness, sorrow, grief. I felt anything but worthy and valued. I endured things in my 22 years of life that no child should have had to. I'm hurting. The pain I feel is so deep there aren't any familiar words I…


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kidney failure

Please help my grandmother. Stage 4 kidney failure.

My family and I are praying and reaching out to everyone for help. I love my grandmother and we don't want to lose her. I know that God does everything for a reason and I pray that taking my grandmother now isn't it.

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How Do I know God is there in my Moments! On a Beautiful Summer evening under the UMBRELLA of Big old Elm Ash treesThe air is not too cool not too hot and hardly any windI HEAR birds chirp sing can b…

How Do I know God is there in my Moments!

On a Beautiful Summer evening under the UMBRELLA of Big old Elm Ash trees

The air is not too cool not too hot and hardly any wind

I HEAR birds chirp sing can be heard drowned out by a noisy Squirrel nattering!

My mind just drifts after watering and cleaning up flowers growing beautiful with colors so thick Petunias & other types

I am at a relaxed peaceful letting go state of mind after a busy day and Week!

I close my…


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son battling sickcell disease

I'm praying and asking for help please and thank you Please help my son.

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Wheat among the Weeds !!

The world in which we live is a mixture of wheat and weeds. Wonderful acts of heroism and self sacrifice  occur alongside shocking acts of violence and abuse of power. In the midst of a world tainted with sin we are called to live the values of the kingdom of God. This can be difficult, but the Spirit will help us in our weakness and God  -  the just and merciful judge  -  will reward us..

Psalm 85 emphasises the uniqueness of God. One area in…


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Prayer for my daughter Vinesa.

Requesting prayers for my 28 year old daughter Vinesa, who is suffering with pain throughout her body.She has been diagnosed with several illnesses all within a short period of time. The main one being Fibromyalgia. Lord I pray that you will hear our prayers to heal her body.I remain faithful even as I watch her taking so much medication just to get through the day in pain. Vinesa, is a Wonderful Sweet Christian Lady that the Lord Blessed me with many…


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Happy Canada Day to All Canadians and Visitors !Especially the Difference Unique to Manitobans!What makes Manitoba special Standout besides Mosquitoes Cold Winters is “Still the Ethnic Melting Pot wh…

Happy Canada Day to All Canadians and Visitors !

Especially the Difference Unique to Manitobans!

What makes Manitoba special Standout besides Mosquitoes Cold Winters is “Still the Ethnic Melting Pot where the Old Tradition passed on from ethnic traditions is the Great Manitoba social! Manitoba had a province wide Welcome Homecoming 2010 Homecoming while the Social is still dominant all over the Province including Winnipeg and areas!

A social would not be right without Great…


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Following In Her Daddy's Footsteps

I ventured on a walk outside today, basking in God's big beautiful outdoors. His vast blue skies and bursting sun in all its brilliance beckoned me. As I was walking and thinking and praying, I happened upon a simple hazelnut colored house, and I just stopped in wonder at the picture before me. The father and his little girl of about five or six years old in the yard. The father is mowing the front lawn. Donned in long black shorts and a black t-shirt. The adorable little girl is wearing cute… Continue

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Brain Freeze God Helps Me out of Stressful Customer Service Mess @Work

Stress can mess me up especially when I need to know or find answers quickly and accurately!  Panic sets in when the usual resources cannot be found or support advisor available and my mind freezes overwhelmed. It is more foolish embarrassing to not know the answer for the customer when refreshed!  Even worse to abandon or hangup on the caller.  I pray for help; then as soon as the call is dismissed or next day; The Answer is found So simple most of the…


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Fed With Finest Wheat


PSALM 147 :  12 - 15,  19 - 20 

When we eat the flesh of Jesus and drink His blood in Eucharistic communion, we share in His very life, a life poured out for all on the cross. As we gratefully receive this food of eternal life, we are called in…


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A God of Tenderness

 A God of Tenderness

Daniel 3: 52 - 56

And Moses bowed down to worship God. On this feast of the Holy Trinity, we also bow down to worship. We say simply," Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit : to God who is, who was, and who is to…


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Psalm 103: 1, 24, 29-31, 34.

At times we can feel anxious about the future. As we see news reports of wars and crimes we can worry that our world is going from bad to worse.…


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Join us for the 8th annual Praising in the Park every Friday night from June 13 - September 5th for spirit filled praise and worship under the stars. Hear a rhema word. Prayer teams available.  Bring chairs or blankets.  Snack bar available.

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God Ascends With Shouts Of  Joy.

Psalm 46: 2 - 3, 6 - 9.

Imagine a scene of great joy and celebration as God is enthroned as king of all the earth. Peoples of all nations clap their hands and shout for joy as God ascends the royal…


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Advocates for Christ:  Psalm 65: 1-7; 16, 20

On the eve of His return to the Father, Jesus promised that he would send the Spirit of Truth, the Advocate, to His disciples. In legal terms, an advocate is someone who pleads our case in court. As the divine advocate, the Holy Spirit pleads the case for Jesus by revealing the full truth about Him. Having received the Holy Spirit we share in the Spirit's mission of advocacy for…


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Psalm 22 :  The Comfort of Companionship.

The image of God as a shepherd is one that brings comfort to many people. Though shepherds are almost non-existent in many countries, the image has a place in our minds and hearts. Part of it's special appeal is that in the shepherd are harmonized two roles that are often in tension in our society  -  those of leader and companion.

The shepherd is the one who leads the sheep to restful waters, who guides them along the right…


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Thoughts to Share To Reflect on!

Self Doubt Accentuate My Positives—Eliminate My Doubt!





I look at myself as a person and say, “This is what I am right now.”  I judge myself and create an attitude, usually negative, worry about actions or myself. Moreover, it is the…


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Psalm 117: 2 - 4;13 - 15; 22 - 24. 

The verses of today's responsorial psalm are taken from the same psalm that was used in Easter Sunday's liturgy. The use of the same psalm reminds us that the period from Easter Sunday to the second Sunday of Easter forms a single unit, which we call the Easter Octave. Today's liturgy brings to a close eight days of joyous celebration of Christ's resurrection.

While the…


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Dear Friends,

I just returned from India after six weeks of ministry where I travelled to different villages and cities. I noticed a tremendous hunger in the hearts of the people to know the real God. Hindus claim to have 330 million gods and goddesses. God miraculously saved me from Hinduism and called me to minister to the 780 million Hindus who live in India. Because of my background, I have had many unprecedented opportunities to minister the Word in a variety of settings. In one…


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Movie Noah

I had heard many things about this movie so my wife and I went to see it. This movie is so off base from God's word that it is not even laughable, just sad to see such liberalities taken. There are many unbelievable scenes to this movie, but when rock monsters come to help Noah build the ark we were left speechless. We would not recommend that anyone should see this movie. It is very dark in nature as Noah task is to make sure that there are not any human beings alive when the flood is over…


Added by Dale Eugene Hudson on April 25, 2014 at 10:04am — 1 Comment

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