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When Grace becomes Amazing

Blog link: http://www.globalmensgroup.com/bible-verses-on-amazing-grace/

It's never a good time for bad news, is it?

Yet, there is something in life that always creates good out of life's bad news.

Grace! ... when life goes terribly wrong ... when things get bad ... that is when Grace becomes amazing!

You see, Life is a journey; life is a pilgrimage.

And often…


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Another Nice Winter Saturday morning I enjoyed A nice Walk calm no windGlad I can share peaceful times so often quiet with God Everyday I pray or wish for Good Health and the Day ahead Each day that …

Another Nice Winter Saturday morning I enjoyed A nice Walk calm no wind

Glad I can share peaceful times so often quiet with God

Everyday I pray or wish for Good Health and the Day ahead

Each day that turns out better than anticipated as it began.

As I go forward one day at a Time enjoyment hobbies work or whatever!

Makes the troublesome days not so bad when the Sunshines thru!


We are at the End of January 2014 a week today Sunday is Ground Hog…


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The struggle is real!

But as for me, the nearness of God is my good;

I have made the Lord God my refuge,

That I may tell of all Your works.


l am sharing a letter I wrote to one of my daughters. So often when we struggle we will not share it, because our pride worries about what others will think. May we receive grace to be truthful and walk by faith, instead of…


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Lord, TEACH US how to Pray

GMG Blog link: http://www.globalmensgroup.com/bible-verse-lord-teach-us-how-to-pray/

Jesus' disciples - 12 grown men born and raised in a very religious Jewish culture - didn't know how to pray.

Do you ever feel that way ... struggling to pray, knowing what to say, doing it every day?

Prayer is something that you and I must learn how to do.  Prayer is not something that…


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Three Magic Words?

What’s in a name? or Three Magic Words?


Q: Why do we pray ‘In Jesus name’ when closing our prayers?


I think a better question is: What does it mean to pray in Jesus name? Are we praying in His name when we tack on those three words at the end of praying all we want to pray? Is it the only prayers God will accept?


Then up-pops another question, “Wherein lies my acceptance? “ To mentally empower those three words as if they were magic, is to…


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The WOnders of God in the WOrld we live

Blog Link: http://www.globalmensgroup.com/bible-verses-on-the-wonders-of-god-in-the-world/

Let's get a little creative with the WOrd of God for the next few minutes ...

Sort of a WOrd-game with the WOrd, if you will.  There are 10 things in the Bible (10 WO's) that can help you and I get to know God better, 10 WO's that can help us understand more about who God is and what He is…


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Pouring in Randallstown Md

Just wake up at 1:40p, rain pouring down and outside so dark, without faith a mood like this send you in depression no job, need a divorce to stay in this country unfortunately my husband can't help, he's not a citizen, we have been battling this for 5yrs now. Sometime I wonder how Satan get so powerful, when two months ago all was well until the the floor crumble beneath me, I know God is there holding me up, because all I'm doing is eating and sleeping, I don't pick up my bible or pray since… Continue

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Heavenly Father, empower me Lord to forgive those who hurt me so, those who scard me deeply, please Lord, brake this chain of unforgiveness, as You have forgiven me, I choose to release them to You. In Jesus name, Amen

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Reasoning Makes All the Difference

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.


Brothers and sisters

My mentor taught me early on ‘trying’ is not trusting.  Trusting is…. well, trusting!  We are created with a mind, emotions and a will. We have a body, soul and spirit, being created in the image of the Holy God. We know we are to walk by faith and yet we so easily live, pray and work in our own strength. The flesh is in control. To walk by…


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Happy Birthday Dad -I am PROUD! to be your son.

Today is my father's 75th birthday. I am PROUD! to be your son.

My dad is a devout Christian minister with a…


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When You Pray from the Heart--Kneeling or not!

For Me God Jesus feel closer when I write my prayers, thoughts, worries, good wishes as I truly connect from My inner heart n' soul and Raw Feelings of Love easier expressed in words than Face to Face for fear of Rejection Even from the husband/wife you live with--sometimes Too many distractions spoil the moment for affection & shared quality…


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Great Bible Verses for the New Year

Blog: http://www.globalmensgroup.com/great-bible-verses-for-the-new-year/

Did you know that God has New Year’s resolutions too?  It’s true!

Every year, God has new goals and new plans for you!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Jumble

Here are some great bible verses…


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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Heavenly Father, Thank you for blessing us with another Year, a fresh start, I pray you create in me a new heart, a new mind, a new self. Thank You, that I am never beyond the reach, of Your forgiveness, as long as we seek it. Please renew my life with the change only Your Son Jesus Christ can bring.  Amen

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