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Self Doubt Accentuate My Positives—Eliminate My Doubt!





I look at myself as a person and say, “This is what I am right now.”  I judge myself and create an attitude, usually negative, worry about actions or myself. Moreover, it is the…


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Psalm 117: 2 - 4;13 - 15; 22 - 24. 

The verses of today's responsorial psalm are taken from the same psalm that was used in Easter Sunday's liturgy. The use of the same psalm reminds us that the period from Easter Sunday to the second Sunday of Easter forms a single unit, which we call the Easter Octave. Today's liturgy brings to a close eight days of joyous celebration of Christ's resurrection.

While the…


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Dear Friends,

I just returned from India after six weeks of ministry where I travelled to different villages and cities. I noticed a tremendous hunger in the hearts of the people to know the real God. Hindus claim to have 330 million gods and goddesses. God miraculously saved me from Hinduism and called me to minister to the 780 million Hindus who live in India. Because of my background, I have had many unprecedented opportunities to minister the Word in a variety of settings. In one…


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Movie Noah

I had heard many things about this movie so my wife and I went to see it. This movie is so off base from God's word that it is not even laughable, just sad to see such liberalities taken. There are many unbelievable scenes to this movie, but when rock monsters come to help Noah build the ark we were left speechless. We would not recommend that anyone should see this movie. It is very dark in nature as Noah task is to make sure that there are not any human beings alive when the flood is over…


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Happy Earth Day Healthy Better Ways all Year--It Is All Our Planet With All We NATURALLY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

I Will Take the Bus or Walk to work--plant trees, so much garbage is the Ugly reminder when the Snow is gone--embarrassing litter everywhere!

Happy Earth Day & My Birthday Friday! Earth Day everydone-recyle etc!
Have a Great Week!

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156-726.77 Exam – How to Pass in First Attempt

The exam 126-726.77

The need for secure web gateway is increasing day by day due to the growing threats and concerns of the big enterprises related to the web gateways. The hackers and their methods are becoming advance and in this scenario, the requirement for the advance level of secure web gateway and its related products are increasing. By observing the entire situation in detail, I realized the importance of exam 156-726.77 and I got my registration with the exam. This is…


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"The SON rose ... and The SUN will rise!"

Thought #113 - Bible verse Jesus second coming the Sun of Righteousness: (click here to go to full blog)

Malachi 4:1-2  "Behold the day is coming ... to you who fear My name,

the Sun of righteousness shall ARISE with healing in His wings."…


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Living in Psalm 27

Easter, crucified

Living in God's Word…


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Acts: 2:38

A little old lady returned home from an evening church service to be confronted by an intruder. Without thinking she yelled, " STOP - Acts 2:38 ." (meaning repent and be baptised).

The intruder stopped dead in his tracks, and the little old lady proceeded to calmly call the police.

The police arrive and while they are handcuffing the intruder, the policeman's curiosity got the better of him and he  asks, " why are…


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Asking questions

Wow, its been awhile since I've posted anything within this site.  Amazing how time flies by.  I have been busy working in, a homeschool program and helping others create success.  Two questions I'm asking today: 

"Who can I help?" and "How can I help?" 

My business allows me to help people pay off bills, create retirement, help ministries and non-profits.  I would love to help a few people who are users of this site to do just that.  It is my heart…


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A couple of years ago a group Diabetes Educators went on a medical convention to Sydney. They had assured their families that they would be home in time for tea (dinner) on Friday night. In their rush with checking in , organising tickets and racing to the boarding lounge, on of them inadvertently knocked over a table which held a display of apples. Apples went everywhere. Without looking back, they all managed to reach their boarding lounge just moments before the last boarding call.  All…


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Every New Day is a Second Chance to Start Again!


If you Wonder when life gives you a second Chance-Every New Day as you awaken God grants you another chance to enjoy and make the Best of a New Day!  Try a New Way if tired of the Same old way and…


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A Prayer From The Depths  ( Psalm: 129 - 130 )   

"Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord". We have all been in the depths at sometime in our life  -  in the depths of despair, of sin, of grief or of depression  -  utterly lost and miserable. Incapable of raising ourselves up. Our only hope is God and we have no grounds on which to oblige God to help us.…


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