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Why are people so negative and rude?

So, as I was getting off the train today, I came across a very rude and nasty person. I said "thank you" to someone who I thought was going to let me move from my seat into the line of people waiting to get off the train; however, instead, she said "why are you thanking me" and walked on.


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Psalms 120-134: The Pilgrim Psalms 詩篇

The Story


The Psalms are songs. They were sung by the people in their homes and by the choirs in the temple in Jerusalem. Some Psalms were sung by pilgrims journeying up to Jerusalem and the temple. Many people from all parts of the Holy Land journeyed up to the great city each year to the feasts, especially to the Passover in the spring and to the Feast of Tabernacles, the harvest feast in the autumn. At these seasons, companies of happy people from one town and… Continue

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Eternal life  !  :)

Eternal life  !  :)


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The First Temple(Temple Man)

1. Astonishing First Temple Secrets revealed. See through texts and drawings how King Solomon's Temple was built as a concealed tripartite man who is Jacob, the Levite High Priest and an amazing Metallic Messiah figure. New information. Multiple drawings. Nothing like it on the Internet. Entirely based on Jewish biblical texts, the Tanach, commonly known as the "Old Testament". Start by clicking here on number 1, it's the Home Page.…


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Kayla why did you do what you said when o my half was true of / what took place course you were told to but in the long run Kayla you no what happen that day you and God so the day well come and it's well be soon that you well have to tell the truth course running can't stop the pain you have allowed to follow you all these years and not having no one no how to help you I pray that you really look deep in side a see who you are really hurting course you no it's not you don't you.May God look…


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