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Kingdom Advances in Iceland, Norway and India

Trip to Iceland and Norway

I have just returned from a ten-day trip to Iceland and Norway. Several years ago, I came in contact with a pioneer of Christian television. He is broadcasting the gospel to Norway, Sweden, Iceland and the United Kingdom. Upon receiving an invitation from Erik,I made a trip to Norway and Iceland.


In Iceland, I had the privilege of ministering God’s Word at Omega Church. The response was very encouraging. The state religion of…


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Preach the Gospel and Whenever Necessary....

"Preach the Gospel and whenever ( wherever ) necessary use words. " Nice little cliche isn't it?  Yes and no. In all honesty I truly understand what the essence of this seemingly harmless comment means. Whoever came up with this has the best interests of those who have heard it before and will hear it again. My guess is what they are implying is that how you live will lead others to Christ, and rightly so ...to some degree. If you are a…

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Some call me crazy... others call me gifted... I call me one of many children of the living God of creation.

I do not know whom I have talked to from heaven but some part of heaven is guiding me to do the work of God almighty and has been there for me through trials that defeat many people. I do not believe I have heard a Pastor talk of talking to God in the actual but on some level I believe it does happen to many who lead flocks of converted souls. I believe it happens to other people they just do not listen or are afraid to hear. I have died three times, survived an eight month comma, been…


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Deity Explains Deity

No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him. John 1:18


Greetings in Jesus name to all who long to know Him more deeply,



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You are God Alone

Almighty God I thank you that in You I have an anchor for my soul. While man may have power and authority You have all power and authority!

 "I am the…


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I continue to be amazed...

I have been learning so much lately, and it's weird how, when I tell my wife, she says, "Oh yeah. God taught me that years ago when...." Is it that I knew it, and forgot?

Like this statement made by Dean Braxton, who has a very fruitful ministry based upon the time in May of 2006 when he died and was immediately in the throne room of God. He was sent back by Jesus, as his time to leave this earth was "not yet". His testimony has circled the globe and led to the dedication of many…


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Be generous


Something amazing happens when we give; it is not only that warm and happy feeling we get when we are a blessing to others; it goes much deeper than that.  The Bible gives us many beautiful examples of generosity in action and it is full of promises for those who give with a joyful heart.  Giving is a wonderful component of our relationship with God because…


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A little like Jesus is all I want to be!

In a small community where there was only one church and to welcome all it was named community church. A veteran beaten with memories no child should experience (he joined when he was eighteen) lived most of his fractured life in a bottle where he did not have to feel a thing. His clothes were in disarray his breathe smelled of the demon that had hold of his life yet come Sunday morning he would get clean as a convenience store restroom would allow, dust himself off and go to see Jesus. He…


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This I know..

This I know.... Where I have not been faithful.... My God has always been faithful.... Where I have fallen short.... My God has fully covered.... Where my plans have been less than fullfilling..... My God's plans have filled to overflowing...

Proverbs 16:9

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I Am Glad I Wasn't There...

“I am glad I wasn’t there.” John 11:            …

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Addiction’s answer you may not have thought of.

Years ago I struggled with alcohol addiction and truth be told drugs as well. I fought in bars for malice entertainment. In my earliest of years cough syrup was homemade. Our cough syrup consisted of grain alcohol or moonshine if you know the term, wild grape juice and honey. I was in a terrible accident at four years old where morphine was used for pain. The addiction blossomed through stealing other people’s unused medicine and searching out the shine jug until I guess I was addicted. When…


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The way of God's love

Hey, you know when God formed Adam in the Garden of Eden, and gave him the job of naming all the animals, remember a "helper" was not found that was suitable for him? Right? So God made him go to sleep, and He took a rib out of his side, and with it, fashioned woman (whoa man!) Here's the really cool thing:

Remember how God said, "I will make a HELPER for man..."  Do we really think this was someone to cook and clean and make sure dinner is on the table when we get home from our…


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Life is hard, but God is good...and with all that power behind that goodness...

I have come to understand that the biggest hindrance to our prosperity is our own foolishness and sin. However, Ezekiel 18:21ff says this:

 “But if  a wicked person turns away from all the sins they have committed and keeps all my decrees   and does what is just and right, that person will surely live; they will not die.   22 None of the offenses they have committed will be remembered against them. Because…


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Things are getting better...

I can honestly say things are truly getting better.  My first post was a little negative but with time things seem to be getting better. I finish school to become a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) this week, my mom seems to be proud of me. I also got a new apartment with my lovely boyfriend. everything is great. Its amazing what just a little bit of faith can do.

God Bless 

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Ty Fortner Religion

Five Things To Know About Religious Violence in Nigeria


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Need sound advice on changing my families way of living, I am married to a man that lives 8 hours away with his job he cannot relocate, he makes more money than me so it would be selfish for me to as…

Need sound advice on changing my families way of living, I am married to a man that lives 8 hours away with his job he cannot relocate, he makes more money than me so it would be selfish for me to ask him to quit his job, and I have 4 children, from a proir marriage i do not like living seperate lives, only seeing him 2 days a month. not good for me, him or the kids. The kids are mine not his, I want to move but am scared by uprooting my kids from their home. what advice can you give me to…


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You are beautiful!

It is interesting how the way we see ourselves many times depends on what we are told, whether true or false.  There’s great danger when we rely on others to define our worth.  Are we more beautiful because people say so?  Do we become less valuable when we…


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Ask the right question!

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. II Corinthians 5:17…


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God can restore anything!

It was late autumn and school was out for the day. My brothers had just returned from school. The oldest requested to go down the street to help his friend with a chore. I wanted to go with him, but as permission was granted to the brother it was denied to me. The friend lived outside my boundary and the sitter had ironing to do. I watched the direction of my brother’s run and when her back was turned I slipped out the door.


The friend’s house was just outside my boundary; to…


Added by Chappy Gnann on July 11, 2012 at 8:53am — 1 Comment

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