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Isaiah 55:6 talks about seeking the Lord

Isaiah 55:6 talks about seeking the Lord now while you can find Him calling to Him now while He is near.

This is verse is not about time as we understand it and I did not find the meaning of it until I had penned an entire thought from my heart. It is rather about a time when God will leave this earth for it to be consumed by the sun.  It was my first opinion that it portrayed God as one who comes by and leaves. I have never experienced God abandoning me or leaving where I am at. God…


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Jody Plahm

Jody Plahm Blog

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Spice of our Father

God is always proud of you for we are all just part of one whole. You do not need to do or be something special in the eyes of community or another human. I do feel humbled when I see youthful zeal regardless of the age of a person. As I look at the whole I am minded that Jesus died for everyone and will take every believer with Him. God needs His whole spice cabinet which includes the staple salt right through the less used ginger. Though as a human I use ginger on just about everything you…


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Take cover


How many times have you felt like a tidal wave is about to swallow you?  Or you feel so overwhelmed by everything around you that you think you will break into a thousand pieces? What should you do at moments like this?  Well… if there is a storm coming and it is raining hard you try to find shelter to keep dry and if it is cold you look for a coat to keep…


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My Relationship with my daughter

Can someone please help me! My daughter is still having a hard time with me and her Dad. She is not speaking to me unless we have to be together for my youngest daughters wedding plans. She won't even give me her phone number. I have been praying for her. I'm so hurt that I get so emotional just thinking about her. Please pray for us!  

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Be good to yourself!


Whether it is in an electronic device, in an agenda or in our mind, we all have a long list of things to do, the interesting thing is that most of the time our  needs are in the bottom of this list or maybe not even in it.  Do you take time to do the things you enjoy or are you so busy taking care of everyone else that there is no time left for you.  If we are…


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I've Tried Everything to Lose Weight

I've Tried Everything to Lose Weight. Oh have you now.

Well how's about trying this on for size? Did you ever try incorporating the Word of God into your diet? That's heard me correctly. "Thy words were found, and

I did eat them" Jeremiah 15:16a "…

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Who Noticed You Today?

I am the God of your father—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” When Moses heard this, he covered his face because he was afraid to look at God.  Exodus 3:6



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See you at Church!

I wonder if the person that said that to me: " See you at Church!" understands the real meaning of that comment? Did you know that you could go to "church" for 50 years and not belong to the church of Jesus Christ?  The one true church is an organism not an organization . A very good definition of  an organism is: "a body composed of

different organs or parts performing special functions that are mutually

dependent and…

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A Prayer

Thank You for the day we shared with each other that will lead to greater things for glory and the people we met that may join us on our journey. Father please bless all who struggle with long term health battles like my wife and I to those who seek a settling of their minds to move forward with Your gift of life. Please heal us in the time You see will benefit from Your will.


Please guide our decisions on what we do with our time that they may reflect good judgment in the…


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   My name is Consuelo, i signed up on keep the faith in March...

That was when i felt completely alone & in need of friends who would understand what i was going through...

I was in a four year relationship with someone who i thought i would end up being married to but it wasn't God's plan... It's been five months since we have broken up but i still think of him often... i know that it's hard to forget someone & that i need more time to get over him but it's not…


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Our pointing finger


Have you noticed how much we like it when people think like us, act like us and agree with us?  We enjoy being in our comfort zone, a safe place where we are accepted and where it is easy to be a believer. 

Sometimes we try so hard to be good and do all we can to show God our love, that we forget the people around us; we ignore those who disagree with us…


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Fun with my friend~ :D

lol. my friend came up with that title. so fun with friends.... what does that normally include for me? well, it includes laughing out loud and homework. it includes photo shoots and shopping, and texting, video games, Jesus, and praising. it can be fun, it can be annoying because my friend is much closer to my sister than me. but i can live with that. because you know what? Jesus is my best friend. and i have close friends too. I will make new friends and already have, and will get closer…


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A prayer

Father You have blessed us with patience and the time when our project will be born into the world of need approaches quickly now. Father we ask Your guidance in finding the right people to help with decisions and for the willingness to listen to them instead of being authoritarians. Please bless us all with contentment in our the shaping of a new future for many ho suffer as we have. Please let our life experiences guide us to make valuable choices in the timing and direction this venture…


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Good Christain Friends.

I hope that joining this website that my husband and I can connect with other christain couples. We feel that it's important to surround of selfs with ppl going in the same direction. :) me and my husband have two boys. I'm the CEO of the household and my husband works for his family business. That's just a little info about who we are. I hope y'all have a blessed day

Veronica & Timothy

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Sharing a good meal

Do you have special memories created around a meal with friends and family?  Some of the most beautiful moments I have shared with people I love have been over a good meal.  It may have been a regular dinner at home, which was everything except regular, meals prepared with so much love by very special people or a simple bowl of lentils, shared with a friend over a…


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I Surrender All (Sounds Good Anyway)

This is where the rubber meets the road as far as discipleship goes. I wonder how many times we sang this song and lied while we were singing.

         Come with me as we go to the sea of Galilee and let us observe true surrender in action. Ready? And…

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More Questions,


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Inadequate Me, Adequate God..... ALWAYS.

This is a diary entry from a couple days ago:

I feel totally inadequate. I feel ashamed and unable to do anything.....not really but you know. I feel random. i can't put my feelings down on paper because I don't trust my own feelings.( but I did anyway) I don't trust my own thoughts. They're too…


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Believing the promises of God


I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually promise my children that I will do something or get something for them because I may or may not be able to comply and a promise has to be fulfilled.  When we read in the Bible all the amazing things God says He…


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