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Who Am I

Who am I that I would walk in pride

For indeed my feet are made of clay

For I am highly flawed and would surely stumble

However I will seek a path that leads me to goodness and honor


I must guard my words for foolishness may play upon my lips

Misspoken words that most assuredly would pierce the heart and sting the ears

I will seek wiser words to speak

Words of humility and grace


I will not claim to have all…


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Life's Road Blocks

Life’s roadblocks and handicaps’ are placed in our lives so our faith can be challenged and embellished by God’s hands.  Because in only  this way we can have firsthand knowledge of His power and might as we watch the walls and barriers before us crumble and our path made clear for us to walk freely into the future He has waiting for us.

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When A Blessing can Turn to Guilt....

Have you ever received a blessing…. a gift and felt guilty about it…… Maybe in the beginning been so floored by God’s amazing blessing that in your joy and amazement  at what had been given to you or at the doors that had been opened up.... you begin to share what the Lord had done for you only to be met with jealousy and a less than joyful response.  And because of the response you begin to feel guilty that you have been given such a gift and start focusing on all the…


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Oh My Soul (My Soul)

How far reaching is my faith?

Does it reach beyond the landscape of my earthly vision?

Does my heart fail in a matter of hours or days or does it extend far into the future

Stepping out amidst life’s storm will my confidence falter and the waves that crash around take me down?

Will my focus waver from the Holy One or will my eyes fix upon his face

The fog can shroud my spirit and the worldly smoke and mirrors can blind these earthly eyes

Yet my…


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I Walked Away (A Work of Faith)

Two days ago I walked away from my position at a Church.  This action was totally against my nature as I am one who loves security and routine.  For many months I have had a pressing from the Lord to go… It was a constant phrase that ran through my head…. “Teresa you need to go… get out of the way.”  I would reason… “I will next week.”  “I will next month.”  “I will next Year.”   But it finally came down to a moment of reality that I had been walking a line which caused me to see that I was…


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It is not for Us to Reason Why (In His Time)

Our eyes see malevolence prevail and the way of the dishonest rewarded

Our minds struggle to understand why…  It seeks justice…. It turmoil’s over what is fair and upright

Our lips want to demand upright…


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The Hands of Heaven



It’s time for letting go…. nothing more… I can do

It is out of my hands now… but not ever out of my heart….

 In the hands of heaven always and forever…


My soul grieves to a depth I have never known before …

I would move heaven and earth to make everything right … I would…

But I can no longer hold on … I am letting go

It is out of my hands … but not ever out of my heart

 The hands of heaven hold it…


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Unrelenting Grace

Unrelenting Grace

Among the fields of gold and green rustling in the midday breeze I find it,

Above the jagged rocks and cliffs where the majestic eagles fly I attain it,

Along babbling brooks and streams where the heat of the day is quenched I discover it

Beyond the harsh city streets where unknown perils lie I encounter it

Beneath the unforgiving reality of poverty even there I see it

Beneath the night sky of each small town or suburb nestled…


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Shattered (beautifully)


 Shattered … utterly broken and unhinged… a heart jagged and torn …. A mind tormented and anguished….  A soul tattered and frayed…  A spirit weathered and worn…A body bereft of health and strength... The ruins of an existence scattered ….  No earthly beast or fowl would live like this…. 

One desperate frantic attempt after another to gather the many shattered pieces… yet they are too numerous and the edges are sharp and cut at each…


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The Aged Warrior (Whom the King Blessed)


The aged warrior has seen many battles and fought valiantly in many wars. He has grown wiser from his conflicts…. Some skirmishes have left him scarred yet they are scars that have made him a stronger astute soldier … scars healed by the balm of Gilead are worn by him as a seal of commitment to his King.

His earthly eyes have grown dim as his spiritual sight grows sharper. His hearing has decreased yet his ears are attuned to his Master's voice.  His hair has grayed… his…


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I Beg your Pardon I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

In 1970 the top country song wasI Beg Your Pardon I Never Promised You a Rose Garden…..” I was nine at the time and loved this song….. it was nothing to do with the song per say as it was clearly about  an adult relationship and I was still trying to figure out my childhood…. But these few lines, “I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden…. Along with the sun shine there has got to be a little rain some time…” hit home with me……  Already…


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Oh Restless Heart


Oh restless heart why do you trouble me so…. Restless waves of nameless emotions…  My soul is pressed…. My spirit is compelled to surge onward….  There is a prodding from heaven above….

Words unspoken speak in the slightest voice…. Follow through… finish what is left undone …. You must move on to where He needs you now….   There are loose ends that need binding…. Chapters to finish… So new phases can arise……


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Before I lift my Head

Dear Lord

Before I lift my head from my pillow this morning…. I give you this day…. Whatever happens… whatever may come my way it is yours all together.

If it be trials and lessons to be learned I will resist the instinct to shrink away from the challenge.  I will look to you for guidance and the lessons to be learned

If it be blessings that lay before me please help me savor the moments and etch them in my memory so that I may return to them in the time of…


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Amazing Faith (Up Date)

I had shared a while back about My Nephew and his wife's amazing story of their young son's birth.... this is an update and an example of how God is using their story to bless others.


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Dare To Be a Daniel

Dare to be a Daniel

Dare to stand alone

Dare to have a purpose firm

Dare to make it known

author: Phillip P Bliss


There comes a time in our Christian lives where we lay it all down before the Lord.... it may take years for us to give our hopes and dreams truly to our God because we as humans want to take control of our own lives... our destiny....  Yet peace truly comes when we ask our Father in heaven…


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Mrs. Goodhope

At seven years old I had began my second grade year in a small elementary school in Southern California.   It had been about seven months since my life had changed forever and I had become a foster child.

In so many ways I had become aquainted with a life of stability, comfort and acceptance..... but there was still a cord of insecurity, lack of confidence and unworthiness that ran deep within me.

The Lord knew his child's need and placed Mrs. Goodhope my…


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This I know..

This I know.... Where I have not been faithful.... My God has always been faithful.... Where I have fallen short.... My God has fully covered.... Where my plans have been less than fullfilling..... My God's plans have filled to overflowing...

Proverbs 16:9

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