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having hard time grieving

Well this is my third blog and I thought things would get easier but yesterday I woke up easter sunday and let my babys open thier baskets but the reality of my gramma being gone hit hard and now im having panic attacks and I feel scared I dont wanna do nothing but cry and sleep.Im so scared of everything and it all hit at once every year my gramma had a easter dinner but this year was different I dont know what to do.Im more lost than ever I feel all shaky inside and it was so hard getting…


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I found god again thanks to all you wonderful people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of days ago I put up a blog about my grammas passing and I got so many encouraging comments.Today i woke up and the first thing I did was pray and talk to my gramma i felt so good today.I actually smiled and laughed without faking the day seemed so bright and gorgeous.It was the first time I talked to god since my gramma got sick.I opened my windows and curtains more than i usally do to let god into my house and it felt good.Even though i havent greeved yet.I know im gonna be…


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I just needed to tell someone my story and i need advice so confused right now.

ok well first of all I am 20 years old as of april 2 and i lost my gramma patsy to an unknown cancer she had masses in her lungs and pelvic area. I tryed to be with her everyday but its hard when u have a new bb and a 2 year old.she fought so hard because she knew i needed her so much.But the cancer got the best of her and she passed away march 5 2011.She was just like my mom and heres the best part she couldnt have kids and my biological grandpa married her before i was born.My grandpa who i… Continue

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