I go out and check my plants every morning to see the progress they have made overnight, vegetables and flowers. But its a really nice feeling when you are strolling by and you see the pretty flowers looking back at you. I don't know about anybody else but a beautiful bright colored flower can't help but make me smile. And when I stand and pause for a moment its like they are smiling back saying," Remember me you got me from your friend so and so, or from your co-worker, or a family member, and I am doing what I was intended to do make you smile." Its a very nice feeling and better yet we can give our Heavenly Father all the credit because he's the one that created them and I am almost sure that was his intention for them was to bring a smile to someone's face. If you are feeling down or gloomy or just need to share some sunshine look at, or plant a pretty flower, and remember to share them with others. That is just one of the ways God wanted to say,"I Love You," and another way that we can spread his Sunshine.

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