I have non-retractable migraines, and they usually put me into the hospital. I've been at home for the last 10+ days with one of these migraines. I woke up earlier this morning and I still had the migraine, but 10 minuets ago the migraine just vanished! I've been praying everyday that I've had this migraine that it would just vanish, and it did.

I believe that this has been a working of God.

This has happened once or twice before, and every time my doctor has either told me he has nothing else he can do for me, or I was about to have to go to the hospital.


Thank You Jesus

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Comment by Don and Dee Melvin on September 25, 2011 at 11:19am
Yes, I have occasional episodes. This is teaching me that I must hold onto my healing. This sounds like a poster remark but God knows my level of maturity. I know He does not bring on bad but allows me to experience them for my good, to Give Him the Glory. Today, perfect example. I felt tensed but I opened myself to worship and tears flowed and I left a state of emotion and entered into a peace. All is good because He is in control. I can take time for me to get centered. God will bless the rest for Me.  Hugs to You

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