A New Year.....What's your "new" plan? What's your "new" year look like?

It's still early enough in January I can say: "Happy New Year," everyone!

Are you ready for a New Year?  A New Start?  A New Beginning?  I love the emphasis of a New Year!  Because it gives us permission to "start" again.  There are those times when we just have to start over or start something new; or maybe if things are going well for you it might be to start challenging yourself a little more.  Whatever it is it has to be "NEW"

God promises in His word that we are a New Creation, the old things are past away....this is true about things that have happened in 2012 that maybe you just want to forget about.  Well, now is the time to drive the stake in the ground and say: "I'm starting new." 

So....what are you starting new?  What is your plan?  I'm curious to hear what we're all up to.  I know a couple of  things I'm doing is wanting to be more present on this site.  Hopefully, to encourage others, meet new people and learn.  I'm increasing my business and wanting to help others with what I do.  I am wanting to do more writing and getting the "farm" I inherited to a level of sustainability.  Wow, makes me tired to just thinking about these. 

Looking forward to hearing from some of you.  Have a blessed year! 


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