A Prayer From The Depths  ( Psalm: 129 - 130 )   

"Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord". We have all been in the depths at sometime in our life  -  in the depths of despair, of sin, of grief or of depression  -  utterly lost and miserable. Incapable of raising ourselves up. Our only hope is God and we have no grounds on which to oblige God to help us. We can only hope in God's mercy.

Psalm 130 is 'the miserable cry of a nobody from nowhere'. Remarkably, this cry from the depths is the very cry that pierces the heavens, the cry to which God is especially attuned. It is the cry of the Israelites groaning in slavery in Egypt  -  the cry of the tax collector in the temple  -  the cry of the repentant thief on the cross.  

Having cried out to God for help, the psalmist is touched by God's saving love. He experiences forgiveness and is filled with essential awe of God. Interestingly, he remains in the depths: the difficult situation he is experiencing continues but now he is at peace. He waits calmly for God to lift him from the depths knowing that this is as certain as daybreak following night.

In the final verses  -  the psalmist now out of the depths  -  encourages Israel (the community) to trust in God. When God hears our cries and lifts us out of the depths, we in turn are called to encourage and support others going through their time of anguish.

                               I WILL PUT MY SPIRIT IN YOU  -  AND YOU WILL LIVE !!

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