A question of unity or denominational doctrines

A question of unity or denominational doctrines

Posted 26th December 2012 at 10:54 PM by Charlena Andrews
I wish to propose a topic for discussion hopefully devoid of schisms and overzealous responses. It is common knowledge to anyone who knows me that I am a christian woman who is also a transexual but that isn't a point of discussion here. At 63 yr. old and having walked as a christian since 1971 I have seen and/or been a witness to several moves of God within the Body of Christ and ultimately someone not involved with it begins spreading half truths or outtright lies about brothers and sisters involved in the movement. If we are truly in a battle for the hearts and minds of men then we need to come together as the army of God, lay aside our differences in beliefs and go forth as one Body to bring His sons and daughters home. As Christians we are bound together by the Lordship of Jesus Christ and have become one family through the Blood of the Lamb flowing in our spiritual veins. In the natural my genetic brothers and sisters are all very different from each other but always come together where family is concerned, can the family of God do anything less?. I implore each person that reads this to allow the Father to take care of the judging and let us be about the work of being ambassadors of His Love and Mercy. Your sister in Christ Jesus, Charlena P.S. None of us has the right or authority to question another person's relationship to their Father or the validity of their salvation experience. Thank you and Be Blessed

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