Well, i kinda feel this is a wast of time but i toll God i will share my story with the world. I been Depressed for the longest time, and stressed. My life has always been difficult from the start. A father with a alcohol problems and a mother struggling financially. I need a source of hope for the future.The ability to excel in some area that would allow me to escape my circumstances would strengthen this. A successful male role model that took an interest in him could also be helpful. Emotional support for my mother could also help. I seems like i live in the shadows of my twin sister. How can one be smart and the other not? This is something i ask myself all the time. I'm a smart kid with Learning Difficulties. Low self-esteem and i feel like i'm being watched and evaluated. I can't seem to forgive myself for the slightest mistakes i make. I feel helpless and defeated. I can't really imagine facing life's challenges and going on at times.  

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