As a Child or not at all!


We come as children…


We believe as children…


We become His children…


We grow as children…


God is our heavenly Father, our Abba.


What characteristics of a child are we to have?


As His child:


I am to be dependent on my Father.


I am to be humble as a small child.


I am under His protection.


I am to receive His provision.


I am to be fed by His Word.


I am to obey His word


I am secure in His care.


I am to bring Him joy.


I am to know His nearness.


I am to tell others about Him.


I am to love Him as my Daddy


I am to learn to know Him for ‘Who’ He is.


I am to worship and adore and reverence Him forever.


There are days when you hear a scripture and it tugs at your heart. Then you hear it again or read it and you know God is at work. And  He is about to teach you something.  When I hear it for the 3rd time I want to stand erect and salute my surrender and cry aloud, “Teach me Lord Jesus. What are you saying to me?” And then listen.


The words of this verse burned in my heart and I asked myself what is it like to come as a child? What did He mean and what does it mean for me today?  How often do I come into His presence seeking Him as ‘Daddy’? Am I not more apt to

come as my bossy self, having my purposes, my agenda all set in motion  like  the religious performances that happen every Sunday in our churches? My stage is ‘set’, prepared for my purposes. My pride refusing to release my spirit to actually worship Him  and give Him the praise He truly deserves. Or while raising my hands is my mind and spirit occupied with what I will make for lunch or which restaurant to frequent?


“Oh, LORD, deliver me from such mundane repetitions, enabling me to draw near in an expectant quiet that is alive with You Holy Spirit. Keep me carefully so I do not make this about me! Keep me near thee for Your nearness is my good. Psalm 73:28


Hugs and prayers,

praying for all who come....... az


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