Dear Lord

Before I lift my head from my pillow this morning…. I give you this day…. Whatever happens… whatever may come my way it is yours all together.

If it be trials and lessons to be learned I will resist the instinct to shrink away from the challenge.  I will look to you for guidance and the lessons to be learned

If it be blessings that lay before me please help me savor the moments and etch them in my memory so that I may return to them in the time of doubts.

I can be double minded and weak in flesh and spirit…. Fortify me with your strength and wisdom giving your portion of grace and peace I will need this day.

Lord I have failed you many times and in many ways….. my feet are but clay and my spirit does waver from what I know is right….  and for this I repent...Be there to draw me ever so close to you…. If I hesitate be ever real to me in that moment to draw me back to your path..

Lord give my soul peace... and when I need to repent… trouble my soul….  I rest in your arms fully and completely this day.


Blessed is your name

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