Brain Freeze God Helps Me out of Stressful Customer Service Mess @Work

Stress can mess me up especially when I need to know or find answers quickly and accurately!  Panic sets in when the usual resources cannot be found or support advisor available and my mind freezes overwhelmed. It is more foolish embarrassing to not know the answer for the customer when refreshed!  Even worse to abandon or hangup on the caller.  I pray for help; then as soon as the call is dismissed or next day; The Answer is found So simple most of the time!  Try To call back customer as long as you have their contact information.

  Stress or Brain freeze happens to me or anyone with lack of sleep,worry, possibly other factors? Too much important information to know and process; in limited Time frames required on the job by management.  Keeping time is important but 9 out 10 people are stressed as too much 'Average Handling Time' demands can be Stress factors to cause panic when the answers cannot be found quick enough.  Being accurate and offering a solution to the Customer/caller is the best way to help the caller and satisfaction to both when call ends positive! 


I really do thank appreciate God, Jesus, Angels to helping me find answers, my faculties, relief and sanity trying to overcome Panic Blank mind Brain Freezes to Peace of mind again! On the Job or Off!  God Bless anyone wanting to share this topic to help make things better!  I welcome you for comments! 


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