This is my story of how myself a single mother of 3, 2 away 1 at home, has become captivating well still more work to be done. 1 year ago March 6th 2012 I had a loud frightening knock at my door of my hotel room (my current home at that time). It was a CPS social work and police officers. I was told that I had to give my 3 day old baby girl to them because of the way my now ex husband showed up to a poly graph drunk and high. Because I didn't know he was in that state They decided I must be a drug addict too. Well My 2 older girls were previously already taken and given to their biological father January 28th 2012. So my body just dropped to the floor. All I could do was close my eyes and beg God for help. I knew if anyone could help me it would be Jesus. I was shaking scared, but yet had hope. Hope and faith my baby girl will come back home to me. The name Ashely popped up in my mind actually written in white bold letters. It was as if God told me get up and call Ashley (my ex husband's sister). So I did but I couldn't find my cell phone so I just used the hotel phone and the only number I could remember is my ex husband's father's number. His step mom answer and all I could get out was they took her. and I just broke I cried on the phone with her and I told her I need Ashley. Ashely just happened to be on the cell phone with her so she told Ashley to get over to my hotel and pick me up. As I was packing mine and my baby girl's things I told Ashley to do everything she can to get her from CPS office. So she called them and she was able to get my daughter placed in her  and her husband's care that same day which is rare. Fast forward to March 28th 2012 I was able to get into a DV shelter and I was able to transform my life around with God's help. I found a transitional woman's housing program which is faith based. I realized where I was wrong and I confessed I have a codepency problem. I started going to celebrate recovery. My daughter was returned home to me June 8th 2012. She is stuck to me like glue these days. I praise God for my CPS case being closed. My journey isn't over God promised me in one of my many one on one God times that He would return all my fortunes. My Fortunes are my daughters. I get my older 2 daughters every other weekend and in 3 years if my life is still on the path it is then their dad is willing to return them home to me. All this is written on court documents. My prayer is to find strong faithful woman of the Lord and surround myself with them So I may grow and learn how to surrender my life to Christ daily.

Jeremiah 29:11

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Comment by Shannon Price on April 22, 2015 at 12:40am

Kayla why won't u let me no how my granddaughter Isis been almost 4yrs now Kayla it's killing me not being her grandma but I'm glad u let me hold her and get her what she needed at the time please find it in your heart to let me no something please Kayla

Comment by Nick anthony James on February 20, 2013 at 10:12am


You are a Beautiful warrior Princess, and You need me To tell You That, But I'm sure its nice To hear that You are also amazing and Wonderful.... I am glad and very blessed to have You in my life, I don't want To loose You. men and women alike say things they do not mean, and i have before, i never meant them, and I was wrong. I told you that when i am wrong I will admit. I do have God, I always have, and always will, It is he who gives my power and strentgh, and it his his grace that we wake up every day. I Love My Friends the way I do, because Of Who God Made  me,And that is the God Fearing Man that i choose to be and strive be every second of my Life. Life is too short, and i don't blame You, nor am i mad at You Kayla, i want us to have a better understanding, even as bEst Friends, God Has a purpose for you in my life and for me in Yours, and what ever it may be, i want it to be from Our Lord. You deserve to be happy, truly happy, time is what you need:) take it My Beautiful Friend, but i will be right here! You are Soo Good, and amazing, and a true blessing!   go with god and Love:)




Comment by Darrell L on February 18, 2013 at 11:59am

You keep strong, keep heading in the right direction, and above all else, if you stumble don't give up, don't quit just because you have some small setback, just remember there's a path there, it's lighted by the Lord, and as long as you honestly, one hundred percent, are following His path, letting Him help you get there you'll do it.  Praying for you.

Comment by Keep The Faith on February 17, 2013 at 4:55pm

Kayla, thank you so very much for sharing your story here with us. You are blessed--and so courageous to share your story so that others may also feel encouraged. We appreciate you. Please call our radio show hotline when you have an opportunity and share your story, so that others may hear it on the radio. Our  number is 800-726-4150. Again, thank you and God bless you and your family. David Sams, KTF. 

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