Hard to believe that it is August already! It has been an extremely good summer, I feel like God has really helped me get to know myself again through all thats happened in this past year. I guess you could say that he gave me a tune-up inside and out for the better. I have met lots of new people here, and also just on facebook. I have come out of my shell and started to speak out about my Loving Heavenly Father, and my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I have tried to use to the best of my ability what God has done for me as a testimony to others. And try to encourage them to include God in their lives. I have drastically changed my life with the help from God, and I guess I want to help others know its possible for their lives as well. When I was laid off this spring for six weeks I had the pleasure of putting my garden in, that is the place where I could be alone with God and talk to Him, and thank Him for all he has done for me and how he helped changed my life. I also asked for His blessing to be on my garden and he must have heard because it is putting out so many vegetables that I have been able to share them with others and still have enough for us. Its only about 8ft.x20ft. But I am a witness that jf you keep in touch with God and try your hardest to do his will, He definitely supplies your every need and then some. Prayer is unbelieveable, Praise GOD! We've also had the pleasure of lots of family get togethers this summer, and I am so grateful for the loving christian man the Lord has blessed me with and the life he has given me. We have also had the pleasure of helping out with several church activities as well, and again the more you serve the more His blessings are abundant.And the fun that we have volunteering is just unbelieveable as well. Please take a microscope and examine your life and I am more than sure you can find things you never thought possible to thank Our Heavenly Father for.

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