1. Christmas Cheers! We celebrate the birthday of Christ Child again !
  2. We hear time and time Christmas music, donations-care of the Radio stations, TV everywhere we go!
  3. We celebrate happiness, good, gift of life born in the stable years ago!
  4. This became the joy, miracle the our saviour -the son of God! 
  5. Whatever,   glorious to sing to our new King. 
  6. Whatever you believe-it is all one Jesus son of God
  7. Sad but true to MANY--this can be a very lonely, or saddest day or time of the year!
  8. Many reasons-we miss loved ones gone to heaven, or this Season is a quiet time-day. too expensive!
  9. This is the time for sharing, giving gifts, or sharing joy.
  10. This Holiday season often bring Tears with nothing to give, so many are not working, no where to live, fear and wars!
  11. To all those in depression, hard times or pain from Illnesses, cancer or tumors!
  12. I pray-Jesus or Angels of your belief hear, are nearby. And if you can share--the best gift is when someone listens or are there for someone needs to share.
  13. May the tears turn into-relief as crying-tears are the way we heal feel better. 
  14. Happy Holidays-May your Tears turn to Joy!
  15. May Peace be with You and a Happy New Year! 

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