I heard on the radio that "Keep The Faith" is doing a disability awareness for Valentine's day.  I wish I could be part of it, and actually I can.  I remembered that I'm on this website and I quickly decided to write a blog.  I don't understand, some of the most amazing people are disabled, yet society keeps passing us by.  Thinking I was brain-dead at birth, I was suppose to be starved to death.  My loud cries prevented my going without food.

In my adult life through speech software, I became both a speaker and a singer through Jesus Christ.  I have traveled all over the United States doing both concerts and speaking engagements.  Sometimes it's hard because for me, I have always been disabled, so I'm just doing the things that seem normal to me.  Yet, people are touched and moved by what God does through me.

I deeply want to encourage church to include disabled people in their worship, because God does.  Every time someone shares a testimony, it becomes a contagious love because it demonstrates what God will do for anyone who trust in Him.  God is so good!

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Comment by Mark Forwood on January 6, 2017 at 8:24pm
Mr. Botten,
Very powerful message and left events have certainly appeared to place you in the forum for praising Christ and passing along His message. It is my hope also the church incorporates a progressive action plan to include disabled people within the context of their service pledge. I have read numerous articles recently reflecting many theological trainings this year will focus on this very topic. Long overdue....better late than never.

Blessings.....stay encouraged - I'm certain your changing lives. May God bless you and thank you for sharing your story.

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