July 28, 2013 - Crown - Kerrie E. Bradshaw

See how My Spirit moves among you, My true children, My faithful followers, My true loves.  In Me, you move and breathe and have your being, but many are unaware of how I move. They do not hear My voice, or feel My presence, making a show of their devotion to Me, but I tell you the truth they have already received their reward from the mouths of men.  Those who meet Me in the secret place, for those who do not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing, you will see your reward from My hand.   I AM a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me. I AM a rewarder in this life and the next.  A crown of many colors awaits your head, handcrafted by My hand with the finest gold that is the sand from the shores of Heaven, polished to perfection, with jewels that wash up on those heavenly shores. 

Your God has mercy and I show it repeatedly. Do not look upon My mercy with contempt or as if it is expected, mercy should be appreciated from God and man.  I did not condone sin. I showed mercy for sin. Covered with the blood of the precious lamb, I see you white as snow. A precious bride awaiting her groom, expectation mounts, but for now, My bride, you must wear armor, you must wield the sword for the battles will be many, and the persecution will leave scars that speak of where you were, and what you came through with Me.  You will not all escape the evil plots and plans of men. Do not fear those who can kill the body - fear God. Solomon had wisdom beyond compare and he summed up all his knowledge and experience in the words - Fear God.  Hear his words of wisdom and it will go well with you for your life.  Show honor where honor is due. Do not curse with the very mouth you bless.

Come out from among the false teachers into the light of My truth. Sharpen your discernment in Me.  Learn to hear the voice of the Shepherd (Jesus) through the voices of the shepherds (pastors).  There are many foxes guarding hen houses and wolves guarding sheep. Just because they stand behind a pulpit does not mean I put them there, ordination from men is far different then anointing of God and many, are led astray, sincere in their beliefs and faith they are serving Me and the kingdom, but sincerely wrong. Not everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord will enter the gates of heaven, but the ones doing the will of My Father in heaven.  

Come out from among the false teachers, who have built false kingdoms to bring themselves glory and promote their agenda along the broad road that leads to destruction. Narrow is the road and few find it. The remnant is small and My remnant is in unity of Spirit. They discern truth from the abundance of lies, bold they are for My namesake, truth united in the face of lies and the darkness that threatens to overcome, minimized and criticized but when the evil gets personnel, it is you they will seek out for answers.  It is Me they will see in you and through your example they will find their faith, and find their voice, and transition onto the narrow way.  Have heart little flock, your shepherd sees, and your shepherd knows, because I experienced it all myself and I make intercession for you before the Father and it rises higher and faster and louder than anything the accuser taunts and tries - to the ears of the Father. 


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