I’m Joe Lafferty of Pittsburgh, PA. From the age 8-37 with God I was able to beat back cancer, diabetes, vision loss, a pulmonary embollism, kidney failure, open heart surgery, a double organ transplant and 7 minutes of death.  All this while playing high school and college football, working for 3 D-1A athletic departments, the Orange Bowl and the Dallas Cowboys.  I love sharing my testimony and have written a 75k word first person co-authored(with Jeff Schober, Growing Up Gronk) professionally edited  manuscript titled "Justin Time:  a memoir of faith and the fight for life" with interviews including Dan Marino, Bucky Dent, Art Kehoe and Rob Gronkowski explaining how I impacted  their lives. 
My life has several once in a lifetime moments with sports and pop culture icons(dozens more than the 4 listed here) and medical challenges overcome.  Spiritually I’ve also had an amazing christian walk as I was raised in the Catholic church through college then strayed away when I moved away from home state of PA.  In 1994, while living in Memphis I discovered Bellvue Baptist Church and their leader, Dr. Adrian Rogers.  A few months later I was baptized by him and just after the lowest point of my life.  And events later in my life built on this foundation, saveing my life, literally.(Disclaimer: I did die for seven minutes in July 2008 but I have no recollection of that time. I actually have no memory for six days, three days before and three days after the death.) 
   I feel  it's my Job in life sharing my testimony of unwavering faith proving the greatest lessings of my life are the challenges overcame with GOD.  I pray this touches everyone and hope I can share more as a new member of this community.  

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