As I listen to the news about Robin Williams, I hear that he suffered from depression.  I want to encourage anyone who suffers from this to seek help.   There is so much to live for and getting help to overcome would be the first step.  Do not  wait. For family members who have someone who has this problem, keep praying that they will get help. 

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Comment by Dallas Haines on August 12, 2014 at 7:08pm

 Great advice Theo, I agree !!   As someone who has suffered from PTSD I also urge people  to get help and talk about it.  DO NOT believe it is a sign of weakness to admit you have depression  -  IT ISN"T !!!. If someone has their arm in a sling, you can see they need help  -  but depression is invisible, it is a silent killer. Please do not judge people with depression  -  they are fighting one heck of a battle and need our support and encouragement. Down here in Australia it is called " the black dog " . I pray that God will help and comfort anyone fighting the " black dog " .   .

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