Easy To Forget Until I HEAR

Too often I lose important items like car keys, receipts,cell phone; or items put away to find? So frustrated I cannot find what I need that moment why the item is not there ‘I just had it’?  I Search all over the particular items have vanished. So often I meet up with someone, I have an interesting nice conversation; get embarrassed my mind blank, as I cannot remember his or her name! Almost Every day this scenario happens. Too often, I cannot find or remember important trivial short-term memory goes blank. Remembering, I carefully put specific items away in a specific place to find easily later. Somehow gone not there where I put them I cannot find when needed in a hurry or not?

Suddenly a certain song IS played on the radio or wherever- Amazing; I remember the exact year, place and who was there, what I was doing, the choir I was in or party I was at? A song remembered instantly takes me to the exact date place of events happening at the time the song came out. That certain song brings back that ‘magic moment’ or beat. The lyrics voice or voices the of a singer, instruments to the rhythm the occasion! My memory is in fine tune restored from hearing the certain song. It could be a song from a choir group I sang in or a classic love song; takes me to back twenty, ten, to five years ago or to yesterday.

No doubt a psychological effect a joyful way in which my memory comes back exactly to the moment to what year the song was first enjoyed?  It is a beautiful sound or an annoying commercial with silliness, certain song is either uplifting, or sometimes-sad emotional heartache forgotten sparks resurface?

Easy to forget until I hear certain songs instantly helps me reminisce with sharp precise memory of the moments that music brings out!   I forget the experience, then the song sticks with me. Such it is amazing, crazy, joyful memories to sad what triggers deep memories.  It is like magic how music-sound certain songs affect my memory so precisely. No doubt the effect that music old or new songs; helps us remember our precise events and what I was doing to the date?  Angry ‘I am late’ Grrr yet I CANNOT REMEMBER or find WHERE THOSE “DARN” KEYS are, remote OR things I lost-today Frustration & time!  Still!

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