Everthing Will Be Okay Because God Is At Work

I would like to share just a few things that I, myself, have been through in the past eight months. Back in the middle of September I had a complete hysterectomy. Which most women who have had one know that it is not an easy thing to go through. Having a complete one is a little bit different than a partial, because you go right into instant menopause. Although I am eternally grateful to God for being able to have children before having one it was still a very traumatic thing to go through. Without the help from my Heavenly Father, a very loving husband (that I am so blest to have), and loving, encouraging, support from my fellow Christian Brothers and Sisters I would have never made it. Not to mention that I was a smoker. A month and a few days after I had my operation I caught bronchitis from my husband and was hospitalized because this illness triggered an emphysema attack and I could hardly breathe. I was on oxygen for the four days that I was in the hospital and even had to come home on it. I came home on a Monday,(with oxygen), and by Friday I was determined not to live like this so I took myself off of it. I had to be checked a week later and much to my surprise I had made a big turn around. A good oxygen level should be between 90-100. When I came home it was only 83, when I got checked a week later it was 96, PRAISE THE LORD!!!!  I had been praying for at least a good two years to my Heavenly Father to help me quit smoking, even went and had acupuncture done, but could not stop. Until finally my God stepped in and helped me because he knew I couldn't and didn't really want to by myself. I am proud to say that April 22,2011 was six months since I smoked my last cigarette and I know I won't smoke again because I have my Precious Heavenly Father who is right by my side. I do take a hormone replacement, and am on an anxiety medication, but I can honestly say I feel good because I know that God is working in my life now and always will as long as I let him. Friend, never give up, Our Heavenly Father is there for u as well, just call on him and he is sure to answer.

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