Faithful Expectation  ( Psalm 84: 9 - 14 )

The older we get the more we realize that it is folly to expect anything from anybody  -  the result without fail being disappointment .  The exception to the rule is Jesus. Expect something from Jesus and it will be delivered with love !! 

We can all recall times when we found ourselves in difficult straits. One minute life is progressing calmly and the next we were battling huge seas that threaten to swamp us How we would have loved Jesus to have come and miraculously saved us.

Of course, this experience to salvation is open to us. If we, like Peter cry out in expectation, " Lord, save me!", we will find that God's help is near. The particular difficulty may not go away but we can experience an inner peace that only God can give. In the peace of God we can find renewed strength to face the situation before us.

The author of today's Psalm is speaking on behalf of a people who are waiting humbly for God to help them resolve  a particular predicament. They express their faith in what God will do:  ' The Lord will make us prosper and the earth shall yield it's fruit '  In the meantime they are comforted by God's voice - a voice that speaks of peace. Their belief that God is near encourages them to persevere in the ways of faithfulness and love.

People with genuine faith always have high expectations of God.  -  not expectations that God will always do what they ask but that God is ever faithful and loving. Such expectations enabled Peter to step out of the boat and walk on water to Jesus. Such expectations can help us also to step away from old securities and walk bravely in the ways of justice and peace.

                                                I hope in the Lord  -  I trust in His word !! 


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