I think it is important to tell people about our heavenly Father. I was extraordinary Blessed because he has been the strong Loving Father to me since childhood. I came from a very abusive childhood. Some of the experiences would cause others to have nightmare.  Even though all of that was happening when I was growing up, I always had God. I knew Jesus for as long as I can remembered. He was always a loving figure in my life. I cried to him when I was a little girl, sang songs to him, talked to him and listen for his wisdom. So while I did not have the parents that would cherished a child , I had my heavenly Gather who did. I struggle with people who believed my perception of God is distorted because of my childhood. I have a hard time understanding why they would think  that I think of God as the same as the earthly Father that perpetuating those things. The reason is because he was my fortress, my healer, my comforter. Yes I needed healing again later in life from those things  but I got it from the one who always was with me. Jesus. He has always been the one I saw as my Father. If he would not have been there I would not have survived. He came to a little girl broken scared and in torture and rescue her several times , shown her happiness, and love her through some of the most crazy things. When she failed he open his arms said hey its okay come on let look at this and let change it so you can walk with my Love as your covering.....He was never the person who cause the pain and always has been the person to heal the pain.

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