PSALM 147 :  12 - 15,  19 - 20 

When we eat the flesh of Jesus and drink His blood in Eucharistic communion, we share in His very life, a life poured out for all on the cross. As we gratefully receive this food of eternal life, we are called in turn to pour out our lives in loving service of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Psalm 147 is very appropriate for the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. In it the psalmist invites the people of Israel  to praise God for feeding them with the finest wheat. From a Christian standpoint there is no finer wheat than that which is crushed and made into bread for use in the Eucharistic celebration. This bread will be transformed into the body of Christ.

Overall the psalm speaks of God's special care for Israel, strengthening them as a people, protecting them from enemies, bringing them peace, feeding them and revealing the law to them. "God has not dealt thus with other nations" , the psalmist concludes.

This special care of God for the people of Israel should not be interpreted in an exclusive sense, as if God loved Israel alone. No, God's love is for all nations and for all peoples. Israel is in fact the chosen instrument  through which God's love can flow to the ends of the earth.

The same can be said about us who are privileged to receive the body and blood of Christ. This special gift is not for us alone. The grace of Christ should flow from us to everyone we meet.

It is clear that the love of God is for all peoples. Jesus excludes no one from receiving His divine life. 

                          'Anyone who eats this bread will live forever '


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