Suddenly, like dark clouds during the next day come from nowhere 

I stay up late awake after I slept woke up after midnight!

Feeling bright great while I applied for jobs I feel hopeful for and qualify!

I go back to sleep or I tried but my mood turns neutral not sad; unknown feeling or reason?

I have applied for many jobs and new interview calls seem to come up ongoing is a good thing as it takes time ! 

Maybe throwing my sleep off, Just when Life is feels good anticipating new opportunities.

r my birthday coming up April 25th? Feeling too young for sixty!

I feel better when I share with Jesus or God my angels then go for walk in a Park or anywhere green, finally it is warming up! Just like storm clouds seem to drop the positive moods? 

As soon as I pray find the quiet beauty with little things bring my mood up

A good feeling when good news comes up for me and my husband allows us to feel perked up again!

I feel like the wind or the weather as I go up happy then down-

Sharing with God & Jesus Calling journal readings;  helps to make me feel better

Suddenly the negative neutral mood clears up.

 I enjoy the Clear sky Sunshine warms me up again inside even better outside!

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