If you are struggling with your identity, God can meet you where you are right now. If you allow Him in your life, He'll work all that out for you. If you're trying to overcome a life of rejection, if you've been abandoned by those you loved and trusted, if you've been misused or abused, trying to pick up the pieces of a shattered past..look no further than the cross.

 There are those who have been released from a life of drug use, prostitution, released from prison, and you're wondering, "What do I do now?", "Who am I?", " Who will help me to become new?". Well, I'll tell you Who. Jesus will. When there's no one left to defend you, when everyone has turned their back, Christ Jesus will protect you and give you all you lack. 

 He'll give you eyes to see the person you were always meant to be. He'll guide you through the night, and totally transform your life. Don't give up on a brand new future where the old stays in the past, cause God will do the miracles that bring you hope that lasts. 

 I pray for every soul out there still looking for redemption, who's lost in fear, still looking for a savior. I pray each one who comes undone, will find true freedom and new life in Christ Jesus - God's Only Son. Receive His free gift of eternal forgiveness, and the joy that flows through knowing Him more deeply, more intimately, as you walk in righteousness; and choose each day to put your hope and trust in Him. He will not disappoint. He will not abandon you. And He will ALWAYS LOVE YOU.

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