Glad to Squint into Sunshine Jesus leads the way!

While the sunshine is shining after a quiet restful Weekend; long walks, Loving time with dear husband.

Cold winter temperature day--I find myself with Anxiety on Edge-snappy? I had a quiet weekend. One day a time or in the moment! T

he fate of the Outcome of my partner upcoming Cancer Treatments since detected after growth from side of head-brow maybe lymph nodes?

Trying to Stay positive calm and as we never really know the outcome? Just be happy have fun-laugh is good but easier said then done.  I read this is Jesus area-with love support will show us. Life and our daily activities carry on-go to work and be happy.  Yet it is too easy for us to snarl, snap-or keep busy a bit frightened. 

I share with anyone-the unknown--to look forward to good surprise as I can count my blessings miracles today-

I Say prayer to anyone going through all that struggles Cancer care-help treatment.

I no other reason to not believe in God-Jesus and support from Angels, friends, family;

To heal us and be 
Glad to Squint when we walk into the Sunshine-from this day Forward. 

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