God loves us and yearns to make us whole

Hi, I have never blogged in my life but thought to share this to anyone/everyone who needs the encouragement that God is there and IS for us and though we are hurting and lonely He knows us (our names ENGRAVED in His Hands, every hair on our heads!) and DOES have A good plan for us, THAT is what im learning and choosing to believe with His help ofcourse for there is NO WAY you can have faith without Him. I'm learning to spend time at His feet from A relationship gone soar. God is healing me from the mentality of 'God I cant loose him if I do I have no hope of getting someone else'! And instead learning He wants us to 'blindly' trust Him that He is ABLE and can do MUCH MORE than we can EVER imagine (to even bring another and better person whom He's prepared for us) and remember if He did it in the olden Bible days He is the VERY same God and is Jehovah '.........' whatever your need IS and James said if we pray but don't believe/have faith/doubt we are will not receive anything. Learn to seek His face and He'll turn everything around! Does that mean I don't get lonely? No! It means when the feeling comes around, the Presence I've found by everyday, seeking and staying at His feet, comes and envelops me and fills me with love, hope and joy that all is well and He is STILL with Him and has A plan for me and enables me to continue waiting and trusting Him to work it out...... this ONLY if I lay my heart open before Him and tell Him (though He already knows) about my loneliness and all that is troubling me. For unless we invite Him in to come and heal our broken hearts & lives, can He do so, He will not force Himself. Lets remember He says He reveals Himself to those who 'diligently' seek Him.....'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL the rest (jobs, life-partner, .....whatever we seek/need) shall follow'. All the people in the Bible that did exploits and led great lives you will find spent TIME with God every single day (have A relationship with Him, I believe) starting with Jesus who you wouldn't think needed to, being the Son of God, yet so how much more of us His creation? I believe that's where everything starts and all the power lies as He says when we 'delight in Him He will give us our hearts' desires.....I hope and pray this will help someone. Lets continue uplifting, praying and encouraging each other for that is what He's told us to do. God bless you.

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