Today I am able to testify to God's GREAT Grace & Mercy. I praise God today for allowing a family member to experience God's grace an mercy. Sometimes in life we make choices that we later feel sorry for, God's wrath for our sins can be great, but if we acknowlege our sins before the Lord & repent of them with our whole heart, God is able to restore us and extend upon us his Grace & Mercy. God rejoices when his children return to him. If you are feeling convicted of any sin in any are of your life, take it to the altar before the Lord, present to him your sacrifice and ask him for his forgiveness, seek him with your whole heart & return back to him & walk with faith to know that he will extend his love upon you and restore all that was lost & bless with greater than you can think of or imagine. Jeremiah 29:11, Hosea 14. May God bless you today & all the days of your life may he keep you under the shadow of his wing!

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