God Will Never Leave Me Alone. A Look At Life...

Life is a series of ups and downs...mess ups and fess ups...screw ups and get ups. We laugh, we cry, we lie, we cheat. We kick butt, we get our butts kicked. We make money, we lose money. One day we're on top of the world, the next--no one will answer our phone calls. And then there's Love.

Love is like a stream of water. Sometimes it flows like a raging river--sometimes a drought hits, and it all goes dry.

The only thing that is constant, is that God won't go away. He's not impressed with my ups. He's not scared of my downs. He's seen me at my best. He's seen me at my very worst. Nothing surprises him, and why should it--HE IS GOD. I try to outsmart him...I've even tried to ditch him...but he always wins at hide and seek. Because whenever I try to hide from him, I eventually end up seeking him.

Sometimes, the only way God gets our attention, is when we're on our knees. That's when he knows just how much we need him. For me, that's when I know just how much he really does love me.

For KeepTheFaith, I'm David Sams.

Copyright 2012 David Sams

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Comment by Keep The Faith on January 29, 2012 at 9:33am

Thank you, Shannon. You are so blessed and highly favored.

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