Well this is my third blog and I thought things would get easier but yesterday I woke up easter sunday and let my babys open thier baskets but the reality of my gramma being gone hit hard and now im having panic attacks and I feel scared I dont wanna do nothing but cry and sleep.Im so scared of everything and it all hit at once every year my gramma had a easter dinner but this year was different I dont know what to do.Im more lost than ever I feel all shaky inside and it was so hard getting up this morning.I didnt wanna do it.When I think about everything its hard to grasp I wanna lay down and not wake up I cant even look at my grammas pics or think of her its so hard.I hate the way I feel.I talked to my mom till 1 in the morning.I couldnt sleep all night and kept waking up to the slightest noise scared I dont know how to get outta this I dont wanna be like this my son keeps huggin me and making me laugh but this feelings controlling me.I know my gramma wont want me to be like this but nothing matters.please help ive been praying but I feel like im not gna come outta this and its just getting worse.

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Comment by Theresa Chunko on September 7, 2015 at 4:11pm

I am sorry for your lost. I know how hard it is to loose someone that has been in your life ever since you are Born. I don't know a quick healing process for loss of someone so Loved and Cherished. All I can say is I don't understand all of Gods Ways but I do know he loves us more then we. Could comprehend i for me I believe when driving a loss cry when you need to talk about it when ever you need to know if this saddness gets worse to where you can.t function when I read your Blog I noticed you are becoming more depressed if you are feeling this depressed 1 where you isolated your self from the people you hang out with friends family so on 2 you no longer have any desire to do the things you onced love to do these are signß of major depression that needs to be treated some times when a tragady happens the trauma of the event can bring out depression if the blues don't improve over time but instead you become more blue and the fact that you said I did not even want to wake up please go to your medical doctors to get on a treatment plan to control the depression I am not making lite of your loss but as time goes by there should be some improvement in your griving process for example when we first loose someone I there are five stages of emotional life loss griving one goes through not nessasry in this order and some don't go through all the 5 stages of Grief   some stay stuck in one 1Denial 2 anger3 Bargaining 4 Depression 5 Acceptance . if you feel worse overtime please seek a Grief councolar or a burivement goup  and please talk to your family Doctor and ask for a referral for a Grief councolar for the treatment of major depression some times the seratonon the feel good chemical in the brain. Does not keep working because of the Grief so please see a doctor about some antidepression medication to help the feel good chemical we produce to become balanced again this depression that is getting worse needs medical attention  I am sorry I understand the loss of grandparents God bless pray ask God to help you through this he to will never leave you or forsake you place your burdence on him because he cares for you 1 Peter 

Comment by Trace C. on April 26, 2011 at 5:03pm
Just take one day at a time and allow yourself to grieve. You will have tough days and great days. God will use the great memories you have to heal you.
Comment by Karen Smith on April 26, 2011 at 9:52am
Hi Danielle, I feel your pain I know the struggle you face when both my mom parents pass away my mom had to face it all by herself without her children and her husband every time I talk to my mom I hear the pain in her voice that cut into me but my mom pull through not only for yourself but her children so I want to tell you if you can't do it for you do it for your kids you wouldn't want them to face the pain that you're enduring. The panic attack you go through I know it personal when my hubby cheated and brought home a son broke my heart every day since we don't have children I never thought I would still be here but God love is beyond our imaginary and He keep us in good form. I will pray for peace in your lives but it takes times.
Comment by One♥HuMbLeHeArT on April 25, 2011 at 9:45pm

I lost my grandmother this year and I dearly miss her alot.  So I know in someways how you are feeling.

There is a lil paper back book called Good Grief and it might help you in someway.

The public library might carry it.

Put your trust in the Lord.  He will comfort you and wrap His arms around you.

Comment by Lorraine A. Molyneaux on April 25, 2011 at 7:35pm

Danielle,  God is bigger than your feelings.  I will pray for you that you may know His comfort and that He will give you His peace.  Jesus told us to trust in Him, especially when you are afraid, He's the only One who can help you.  He told us that no one can snatch us out of Our Father's Hand and Jesus will help you. If it helps, you can email me and I will give you my phone number and I will pray with you over the phone. lorrainemolyneaux@hotmail.com


Give all your worries and cares to Him, for he cares for you........

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