I Can So Relate To The Life of a Tree

AS I GROW OLDER, I can better relate to the Tree. We have the same Creator. We breathe the same air. We love the rays of the same Sun. Water is our lifeline. We are romanced when the Moon shines. I've been in the midst of many storms. By the grace of God, dreams I've lost in life's storms have been renewed, just as a tree grows new leaves. I've been challenged by the growth around me, and threatened by the the temptations of man in the soil inside my very soul. As I age, my body is beginning to bend, just as a tree eventually gives into the wind. But, through it all, I stand tall, proud, and majestic--for I have many friends around me. Yes, I am just as one tree among many in the forest.

Photo and Text (C) Copyright 2013 David Sams 

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Comment by Keep The Faith on March 1, 2013 at 6:32pm

Brenda, It's a photo.

Comment by Brenda on February 20, 2013 at 11:16pm
I loved your message. And I'm wondering about the beautiful tree. Is that a photo or piece of art?
Comment by teresa on February 20, 2013 at 9:26pm

Me too!!!

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